Saturday, November 10, 2012

People touching my hair

During my Women's lit class yesterday, we were talking about what is acceptable for women in society's view. Well the topic of hair came up and since I have short hair my teacher asked me, "Arisa since you have short spikey hair, do people touch it?" and thus gave me the idea for this post.

So I don't like to have long hair partially because I'm too lazy to keep it nice and the other reason is because I have super cool Asian hair. My hair literally sticks up without any gel or hairspray and if you try to push it down it'll just come into place again. Pretty sweet huh?

Well answering my teacher's question, I said yeah, random people love to touch my hair and that lead to a 15 minute conversation about all the random who have touched my hair. Yeah, it doesn't sound true. This is very true because sometimes when I'm at the store waiting to be checked out, people behind me just insist on feeling my hair. Sometimes at school, people I don't know just come up to me and ask to touch my hair. At first when it started happening, it freaked me out because I'm just like, "Ew no please don't touch my wonderful hair with your hand germs." Okay I never really said that out loud but I did think that in my head.

There are the considerate people who start conversations with me first, slowly ease their way into the topic about my hair and then ask me to touch my hair. Props to those people because it took me a while to figure out their clever plan. Then there are the bold people who just straight up ask me if they can touch my hair. I'm pretty sure I said yes to everyone because if you have the courage to ask a random stranger, me, to touch my hair then you deserve the privilege even though you might have sweaty hand germs.

I'm pretty sure my hair is what makes me the cool person I'm am today (just kidding) and I'm pretty sure my friends enjoy my hair because they touch it on a daily basis. Good thing I don't really mind their sweaty hand germs. Hehe.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This summer was all about injuring myself.

I fell out of a car, I somersaulted into my fireplace, I fell down a hill with my golf clubs on my back, just to name a few.

My latest injury I acquired was when I kick a rocking chair. I was practicing side kicks in my living room and was smart to practice by the rocking chair. Next thing I knew, I was on the floor with a swollen foot. Definitely not my smartest move. The best part was I had a golf tournament the next day.

What is wrong with me?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shocked by wood

One time I got shocked by wood. I never thought it was possible until it actually happened.

Last year during my psychology class I was being unproductive with my time so I entertained myself by sliding around in my desk because it was fun at the time. I think we were suppose to read quietly while my professor handed back tests but not me.

So while I was sliding around in my seating for about five minutes, my professor called me up to get my test. As I walked back, I touched my desk and it shocked me. My reaction was like a mixture of hurt and shock. I think yelled Ow-whoa out loud and of course the whole class looked at me.

Later on that week, when I went Psych again and I was scared to sit because I thought was going to get shocked again. So I poured water all over my desk and touched it. Don't ask me why I did that because I forgot water and electricity go together. I was just being really dumb at the moment. When my professor gave me the look I ran to the bathroom to get towels and wipe off the water.

Luckily, I haven't been shocked by wood again since but unfortunately I think I gave some of the kids in my class the impression that I'm a weirdo now.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wet floor and a hot bowl of soup

These series of events happened over the past forty-five minute time span from the time I am writing this.

So I left the school cafe food place with a hot bowl soup. Went in my dorm then I got on the elevator and I ran out to my room to put my soup away because I had to pee really bad. Well I didn't notice the wet floor or the multiple wet floor signs so after running about three steps, I fell flat on my back with a quarter of my soup on my pants and legs. I yelled in pain and then got up real quick and ran into my room and changed. I went back out to clean up to mess before the girls on my floor came out and asked what happened. I definitely brought out my ninja skills for this situation.

Too bad my shorts were inside out, they definitely noticed that and I was about two seconds from not making it to the bathroom. Of course the weird and unfortunate things happen to me when I'm about to pee in my pants.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ever happened to you?

This isn't my work but it definitely made me laugh.

I bet its happened to you before. Don't lie. Shame on you if you were lying. Shame.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mirrors hurt

Ever ran into a mirror on purpose but had a legit reason because of it? Well I do.

So this summer my little brothers and I spent a week in Iowa with my older brother. I always do the typical, watch endless TV and play video games until my brain feels like it's going to explode.

On some random day, we went to the science museum and ate in Des Moines. Yes I do think museums are tight but anyways on our way back from Des Moines, I had to pee really bad because I drank four glasses of water at the restaurant, go figure.

Normally I can hold it in because I have a bladder of steel plus I hate public bathrooms with a passion. One time I didn't pee for 14 hours straight. I felt kind of accomplished about that. Maybe one day it will be 20 hours.

Anyways, my brother stopped for gas and thank god because my bladder felt like a volcano getting ready to explode at any second.

So I ran into the gas station bathroom because I didn't want to pee in my pants, at that point I didn't care that I had to pee on a nasty toilet. So I sprinted into what I thought was the stalls but instead I ran right smack into the giant bathroom mirror.

Because this is one of the stupidest things I've ever done, I literally almost peed my pants because I couldn't get up from laughing. The cool part about this story was some lady washing her hands watched the whole thing go down without telling me I was running into a mirror.

Seriously I didn't even know I was running into a mirror until I saw myself running into myself but it was too late to stop because I was running at full speed Another thing I wonder is why in the world would someone put a mirror in front of a stall? Do they think people feel the need to look at themselves when they just finished using the bathroom. I guess that's what they thought and yes running into the mirror did hurt.

Somehow I found this hilarious and I still do because I literally ran into a mirror. How I get myself into doing dumb things? I do not know. I guess I blame my bladder of steel. Oh bladder of steel, you've failed me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

my thrilling summer...not really

So quite a few people have been asking me, what do I do with my life during summer vacation when I'm home? So this is for to the people who wanted to know.

I leave for school in two weeks. So I guess I have to start to get things together for that. Ohh fun.

Well this week I was playing the the women's city golf tournament. Unfortunately I lost today in the semi-finals. I played horrible and nothing went right. I blame myself since I was the one swinging the golf club. I also had a lot of emotions built up and it never went away. I don't think my caddy knew how to deal with them ha ha.

I mean this week was the first time I started playing 18 holes this summer, so I shouldn't have assume that I'll be as awesome as last summer. My laziness and lack of golfing this summer really caught up to me this week. I learned my lesson.

The lady I played against took advantage of my situation and used it against me so I give props to her for beating me today.

Other that the women's city, I haven't done much. I spent last week at a meditation center making/cooking food for the students taking the course. It was pretty cool.

I learned that being a vegetarian for a week and then eating mass amounts of meat the next day doesn't go so well for your stomach. Keep this lesson in mind because I learned it the hard way.

I didn't really roll around in bed, it was more like my bathroom floor.